lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

Technological entrepreneurship in Nicaragua

Being an entrepreneur is an option in Nicaragua. Being an entrepreneur with a scalable technological project or startup (target global market with average annual income of 100,000 dollars as a start) in Centro America seems improvised or something even harder to rise.

Association cultural barriers, digital gap, perception of risk and failure as outlined as wrong with a negative connotation or less of the lost time cases. An economic, social and family problem is the daily challenge to be overcome.

The best mentor is someone who has been the process. In Nicaragua entrepreneurship mostly they cater to the domestic reality, agribusiness or industrial transformation, according to our environment. People are very valuable that track venture projects, but most are generalists, which for the telecommunications world adds difficulty to be a closed industry controlled by operators. Doing business is a challenge: being attractive, being an ally, be strategic, be disruptive, global and innovative........ It should be the focus for the value proposition of technology projects in our country

The positive

See the future from more advanced societies, it gives you a tremendous opportunity to be the first to bring a brilliant idea if you're disciplined and have fire as a prelude to do something never seen before in your community.

Today more than ever you can reach more people in the right places online. Cousera, Udacity and other global communities Startup Weekend, investor networks, Silicom Valley, accelerator etc...

It's not about being a technological or scientific creator, but rather to understand the technological trends, makes associations, and that if; which is a bridge technology development, become an expert in leveraging technology to meet needs with common sense and investigative rigor to approve your market hypothesis.

In the process there will iterations rewind your approach, find people with the same passion (Staff Innovanica) and other partnerships with key partners to be the core business and your unique value proposition.

Your best motivation: in wanting to be scalable touch more people, working with the education transform consciousness; transform future, working with technology, actually you do with possibilities………..

Seoane Espinoza

Cofounder Innovanica

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